Vita skate 'em up OlliOlli delayed into 2014 by daily challenge bugs

Totally bogus, dude! Wipeout. Sick meaning poorly, not sick meaning wicked (and that's wicked meaning good, not wicked meaning bad). Vita-exclusive 2D trick skater OlliOlli has been delayed from this year into 2014, developer Roll7 announced today, due to one wee problem with its daily challenge mode 'Daily Grind.'

Similar to Spelunky's Daily Challenge mode, Daily Grind spits out a new level each day which is the same for everyone who plays it, challenging them to top their pals on leaderboards. Unlike Spelunky's mode, Daily Grind lets sk8rz have practice runs before committing to one single scoring run. Which is where the problem lies.

"Earlier this week we noticed a network issue had developed with the Daily Grind, which meant players could submit their scores multiple times rather than have one 'live go' to set a score," Roll7 explained in today's announcement. That's fixed now, but the game needs to go through certification again. Roll7 had planned to launch the PSN game before Christmas, but will now release it "at the earliest possible point in 2014."

Here's one of Roll7 going through the Daily Grind: