Co-op stealth adventure Clandestine goes back to the 90's

Indie studio Logic Artists (Expeditions: Conquistador) is about to take players back to the 90's with a new spy thriller called Clandestine. As the title might imply, the game will focus on stealth and feature asymmetrical co-op gameplay between a field agent and a hacker.

Clandestine is set in 1996 and former Cold War operatives (from both the former Soviet Union and NATO) are being assassinated left and right. The field agent and hacker will travel across various locales, including Vienna and secret NSA bunkers in Washington, to get to the bottom of these mysterious events. Both players must work together in order to infiltrate numerous facilities undetected.

Clandestine could be an interesting romp, depending on how the co-op play is implemented. For an idea of what to expect, you can check out the trailer below. Clandestine releases on PC in 2014.