Nintendo releasing Louvre tour app December 2

Nintendo is rolling out a non-gaming app to give 3DS owners a little bit of high culture. The Louvre museum in Paris has allowed visitors to rent a 3DS with an interactive guide for more than a year, and the company is planning to put it up in the eShop for anyone to download. It's coming December 2 for $19.99.

The guide contains 600 images of artwork, 400 3D photos of the museum interior, and 30 hours of audio commentary. It also allows you to zoom into some paintings, or take a 3D view of sculptures. This release of the app also includes a few extra features not in the museum rental version, like an artwork slideshow with commentary. Nintendo promises that the guide will update as new exhibitions come to the museum. A 3D video is available of the Venus de Milo starting today, to give a taste of the software.