Grand Theft Auto Online launches first 'Social Club Event Weekend'

If you're not playing on a next-gen console this weekend, chances are you're hitting the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. To celebrate the release of the Beach Bum Pack, Rockstar Games is throwing their first "Social Club Event Weekend," which will introduce new job playlists and special vanity license plates for giveaway.

New jobs available this weekend only include a bike race up Cassidy Creek, a sea race around the islands of Paleto Bay, and a team deathmatch in the Vespucci Beachfront. There are ten new jobs for you to play with altogether.

By participating in the jobs, you'll be able to get special vanity plates. By being a "top performer" in each job, you can have SURFS UP, or CRUISING, or SUP BRO in your collection. There's real physical prizes too, with Social Club members winning beach towels, t-shirts, and stickers.

Even if you don't win something, you'll still want to go around in Free Roam. There will be special Event Crate Drops that will contain "more than double" the usual amount of RP, plus high-powered weapons, bonus cash, and clothes. They'll be unlocked for every player that participates.