PlayStation Home giving away PS1 games

PlayStation Home is still around. And Sony is using it as a platform to promote PlayStation 4, with PS1 Classics as your reward for taking part in some interactive commercials. Synergy, you guys.

You can snag voucher codes for the original Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Destruction Derby. A Reddit user (via Polygon) noticed the new "PlayStation 4 Experience" room and quests. You can access the room from the main hub, and then take part in a "Quest for Greatness" scavenger hunt. You'll look around for 13 cards, interspersed with trailers and images for PlayStation 4 games that you can view if you'd like. You can redeem the codes on your PS3 or Vita.

Of course, PlayStation Home is nowhere to be found on PS4. So really, Sony is trying to bribe Home residents to just leave. Will the allure of PSone classics be enough?