SteamWorld Dig coming to PC on December 5

The roguelike platformer SteamWorld Dig is coming to PC and Mac next month, following up on its cult-hit release on 3DS in August. The PC version will be given an HD makeover, and is slated for release on December 5.

The game blends steampunk and old west aesthetics, and stars a rough-and-tumble robot cowboy ("cowbot") named Rusty. He goes down to investigate the mines, digging and finding gems as he goes, and discovers much more lurking under the surface. It received a positive reception on Nintendo's handheld. The concept is a cross between Metroid and Dig Dug, with splashes of Terraria for good measure.

CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that most of the code from the 3DS version could just be reused, and the vector art simply had to be scaled up. The team did have to think through a few changes though, like functionality without the second screen, and making the characters scale correctly on a PC screen. He also noted that they have plans for extra content on the PC version, but aren't sure yet how much will end up in the initial release.