Gran Turismo script coming from Watchmen screenwriter

Are you sick of video game-based film adaptations not being faithful to the spirit of the game? You can put those fears aside for Gran Turismo, as the script is reportedly in the hands of a man who is nothing if not respectful of source material: the writer of the recent Watchmen movie.

The Hollywood Reporter (via Polygon) says that Alex Tse has been given the pen for Gran Turismo. Aside from Watchmen, Tse has worked on a remake of The Crow and a live-action version of the anime Ninja Scroll. He also wrote a script for Battling Boy, based on the Paul Pope novel, and is currently working on a remake of Highlander. The man works within a lot of established properties, apparently.

Tse's story is currently under wraps, but we've previously heard that it will be based on the life of Lucas Ordonez, an actual racer who cut his teeth on the venerable game franchise.