Panzer Dragoon director's Demon Tribe hits iOS App Store

Sega's previously announced mobile game Demon Tribe has been released on the iOS App Store. The free-to-play game from Panzer Dragoon director Masayoshi Kikuchi is said to blend together elements of MOBAs, card battling, and action-RPGs.

You'll develop your team of fighters by fusing demons from a selection of 250. The single-player adventure grants you new demons and weapons, while 3v3 multiplayer battles let you rise the ranks of clans. It also boasts a fully scored soundtrack and animated cutscenes. It's available now on the App Store, and downloading it at launch will grant you rare demon cards based on (wait for it) the rock band KISS. You'll have to unlock them by completing objectives, though.

"We've created a unique experience that delves into the magical land of demons and monsters in a never before seen way," said director Masayoshi Kikuchi, in the announcement. "Demon Tribe brings together elements of our favorite genres as the game experience is filled with fast, responsive action while offering an amazing level of depth and detailed RPG elements."