Shadowrun Returns Berlin DLC becomes Shadowrun: Dragonfall

HareBrained Schemes' Kickstarter success, Shadowrun Returns, was originally slated to receive a round of DLC back in October, but was delayed to become a full-length campaign. The studio has now pulled the curtain back on the beefed-up Berlin expansion, calling it Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall ventures further into the magic-infused world of 2054, where the threat of a long-forgotten event from the past is poised to threaten Berlin. Berlin promises to feature new hi-res locales, along with a new cast of characters, new weapons, cyberware, and magical enemies.

Dragonfall will add a new "save anywhere" feature, which will retroactively be added to the original Shadowrun Returns "Dead Man's Switch" campaign. It will also feature new changes to the game editor, including all of the expansion's new assets and an updated scripting system that allows for additional options for custom conversations.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall will be available as a standalone expansion for $14.99 or can be purchased with the original Shadowrun Returns game for $24.99. Dragonfall will arrive on PC, Mac, and Linux in January, with iPad and Android tablet versions coming shortly thereafter.