Humble Mobile Bundle 3 features Android version of Ridiculous Fishing

Humble Bundle has gone mobile once again. Players can pay what they want for four games that unlock on Android devices. Those who pay more than the average will also receive two more games: the Medieval tower defense game Kingdom Rush and Vlambeer's Android adaptation of Ridiculous Fishing, which just released this week.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 sale will include the robotic action game Epoch, the minimalistic strategy game rymdkapsel, the word game Spelltower, and the hack-and-slash adventure Swordigo. Adopters will also receive soundtracks for Swordigo and rymdkapsel, while paying more than average will also get soundtracks for Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush.

All games are DRM-free and can be updated through the Humble Bundle Android app. As always, buyers can choose to allocate how much of their money goes to Humble, developers, and charity.