The Stanley Parable narrator coming to Dota 2

"This is the story of a man named Stanley."

While it may be difficult to nail down The Stanley Parable and what exactly the story even is, the narrator is definitely a recognizable aspect of Galactic Cafe's hit game. If you're looking for more from this delightfully British accent, you'll be happy to hear that The Stanley Parable's narrator will soon be available in Dota 2 as a downloadable announcer pack.

Creator Davey Wreden tweeted (via Eurogamer), "Sitting down with [co-developer William Pugh] to begin writing the Stanley Parable Dota 2 announcer pack."

The Stanley Parable's narrator (voiced by Kevan Brighting) joins a Dota 2 announcer roster that also includes, among others, beloved Portal character GLaDOS. No word on when the new announcer pack will arrive.