Rift dev announces voxely sandboxer Trove

Voxel-y sandbox worlds with digging and building and crafting are all the rage nowadays, and Trion Worlds has one of its own too. The Rift and Defiance developer last week announced its free-to-play Trove, which is a fair bit like all those other sandbox games, but with the novel idea of carrying your home base over from procedural world to procedural world.

Trove is to offer action-RPG-y online adventures, with dungeons to explore, bosses to beat, levels to gain, resources to harvest, items to craft, and loot to, er, loot.

While most block 'em ups are about toiling away on one world, Trove will generate new worlds regularly as players complete quests, the official website explains. Not everything is temporary, as players' own home base, called a 'Cornerstone,' will travel from world to world and server to server with them. Players will also be able to create weapons and enemies, which may appear in others' worlds too.

Alpha signups are open on Trove's site, if you fancy a bash. Here's the first trailer: