Sony acknowledges 0.4% failure rate for initial PS4 shipments

Although PlayStation 4 won't be available to the public en masse until later tonight, there are plenty of people out there with systems, media and Taco Bell winners included. However, out of the thousands of systems out there, some have issues, which Sony has officially acknowledged.

"A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems," a Sony spokesperson confirmed. "This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch."

Speaking to IGN, Sony says that "the number of affected systems represents less than .4% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction." According to the rep, "there have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isn't a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems."

Unfortunately for Sony, one of the people affected by a broken PS4 happened to work for IGN. Apparently, the system would turn on, however would not output a signal to the television. If you're amongst the unfortunate 0.4% that experience problems tomorrow, note Sony's support number: 1-800-345-SONY.