Tales games coming to PlayStation 4, not Xbox One

The Tales RPG series from Namco Bandai made a brief exclusive appearance on Xbox 360 with Tales of Vesperia. However since then, the franchise has been largely exclusive to PlayStation. In fact, there are two Tales games coming to PS3 next year: Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.

Namco Bandai will continue working on PlayStation platforms, as producer Hideo Baba confirmed work on PS4 games, while saying there are "no plans to bring the series back to the Xbox or Xbox One."

"Yes, we are currently in the very early phases of work for next generation PlayStation titles," Baba told Gaming Angels (via NeoGAF) "We feel that our core fanbase leans toward the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4, so we are focusing our efforts on bringing the best possible Tales experience there!"