Third Pikmin 3 DLC releasing December 2

Pikmin 3 has received two pieces of DLC so far: one adding new 'Collect Treasure' stages and another adding 'Battle Enemies!' missions. This morning's Nintendo Direct has announced a third DLC pack, which is set to add fresh content to Mission Mode on December 2.

Nintendo's Bill Trenan acknowledged that previous "extra stage" unlocks for the Pikmin series would consist of re-arranged fruits, enemies, and traps. However, he says that this DLC pack will feature brand new stages with unused environments, like beaches, a construction site, a factory, and even someone's living room.

The DLC will also feature the return of Captain Olimar, returning from the first two Pikmin games to take control for one stage. This stage will task the Pikmin with retrieving Olimar's lost sidekick, Louie. Once Louie is retrieved, players can then take control of him to help divide Pikmin armies.

The third Pikmin 3 DLC will feature eight stages in total, four for 'Battle Enemies!' and four for 'Collect Treasure,' for $4.99. A same-day software update will be required to run the new add-on content.