Ouya's revised UI to make games easier to find

Ouya has been pretty frank about its missteps and is still seeking ways to improve. One such method is to revise the interface, with a specific focus on usability and making it easier to discover new games. The big update is due sometime this month.

Engadget reports that the new UI will feature much bigger cover art, tweaks to the icons, and quicker access to the system's store. It will also begin offering game recommendations, presumably based on your past purchases. A few game demos like Bombsquad and Amazing Frog will auto-download, though you'll have to pay for the full versions.

Other improvements coming in the update include USB storage support and web queuing so that you can set some downloads and have them waiting for you next time you turn on the console.

Ouya currently hosts more than 500 games and is planning an upgraded model next year. In the meantime, the CEO hopes one of its games will hit $1 million in sales before the end of the year. Putting games more front and center may help that goal.