Grand Theft Auto Online Beach Bum DLC hits next week

Though the days are drawing in and Jack Frost visits at night, Grand Theft Auto Online is getting ready to hit the beach. Rockstar today announced that the free 'Beach Bum' DLC will arrive next Tuesday, November 19, with patch 1.06. It'll add new Jobs and oodles of beach fun equipment, including dune buggies, board shorts, tribal tattoos, and a broken bottle to swing around.

The "slew" of new Jobs include "beach-themed" Races, Deathmatches, Parachutes, Last Team Standings, Survivals, and Gang Attacks, Rockstar explained in a blog post today.

To make it all the more sunny, criminals can pootle around in four new vehicles--a dune buggy, off-road truck, beach camper van, and the series classic Speeder speedboat--and dress in beach gear including garish surfer garb, tribal tattoos, and shaggy hair, just like all the real surfers on television teen dramas have.

Beach Bum's new vehicles and weapons will be available in the single-player campaign too.

This is "the first of many" content updates in the works, according to Rockstar, which teases that it'll soon say more about the Content Creator, co-op Heists, and Capture the Flag, as well as "exciting" updates to the single-player.