3DS gets Nintendo Network and Miiverse support in next update

The next Nintendo 3DS system update will bring Nintendo Network accounts to the handheld, Nintendo announced in today's Nintendo Direct presentation. This'll finally let people who own both a 3DS and Wii U combine their two separate eShop balances, and Miiverse is coming t'boot. Oh, and the 3DS is getting its own YouTube app.

After the update in December, 3DS folks will need a Nintendo Network account to download demos or other free software. If you're really reluctant to create an account, for whatever reason, you'll still be able to download paid software without one.

"Moving forward, we will continue to improve our offerings with Nintendo Network IDs," Nintendo's Bill Trinen said. "Eventually, more of our services will use them, so we hope this encourages you to create your own ID." Miiverse is one of these, launching alongside the system update.

Miiverse, if you haven't paid attention because you didn't own a Wii U, is Nintendo's social portal. It builds communities around games, letting people post comments and share pictures.

Arriving before both of those, later this month, is a proper YouTube app. As one would hope with two screens, viewers will be able to watch videos on the big screen while browsing on the other.

Skip to 15:30 in today's Nintendo Direct for all the minor details: