Warner Bros negotiating Temple Run film rights

The free-to-play mobile game Temple Run has been a massive success. The endless runner has spawned a sequel and a few spin-offs, all of which have been hits as well. As a result, Hollywood is making plans to do what it always does when a property has a built-in audience: make a movie out of it.

The Hollywood Reporter gives word that Warner Bros is in negotiations to make a big-screen adaptation of the 2011 hit, headed up by Harry Potter and Gravity producer David Heyman. So at least it has some notable producer credit behind it.

The studio will reportedly be looking for a writer once the dust settles on the deal. The game story is bare-bones, so the movie adaptation would flesh it out a bit. It will focus on an explorer who steals an idol and is chased down by demons. So just picture that boulder scene from Indiana Jones, only with hellbeasts, and lasting about two hours.