'Open-galaxy action-RPG' VoidExpanse revealed

If cruising around a procedurally generated in your customised spaceship, trading, miniming, and exploding other spaceships sounds like your bag, have a gander at VoidExpanse. Revealed today by developer AtomicTorch Studio, the "open-galaxy action-RPG" is coming to PC in early 2014. Oh yes, action-RPG, as on top of your typical spaceship customisation it has skill trees. It'll drop you into a galaxy of multiple factions, all with their own agendas, to scrape out a living through the usual space-means. It has no level-scaling, so certain areas of space may be a mite hostile until you can get yourself into a big fancy ship. As well as a sandbox mode, it'll have a crafted single-player campaign and multiplayer in persistent worlds, today's announcement explains. It'll support mods, too. While today is technically the big reveal day, AtomicTorch was been posting about the game on its blog for a few months, so hit that for more information if you're interested.

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