Xbox One's SkyDrive app shown off

If you've been aching to torment friends and loved ones with endless slideshows but lacked a projector or Apple TV or other irritation enabler, don't worry, Xbox One has you covered. A new nine-minute video shows off its SkyDrive app, which will pull your photos and videos from Microsoft's cloud storage service.

Basically, it'll let you look at any photos or videos you've uploaded to the SkyDrive cloud (or other people have shared with you), then peer at them, rattle through albums, and put on slideshows with fancy effects. Microsoft explains this all in far more detail in its blog post.

Photos taken on Windows Phones are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive then your Xbox One will hook into them, so, you know, do remember to clean up after any explicit selfies.

SkyDrive will be available when Xbox One launches on November 22.