FTL: Advanced Edition coming early 2014 to PC and iPad

Shacknews, as well as its community, really enjoyed FTL: Faster Than Light. The starship management roguelike finished 7th in our Best of 2012 list, thanks to its uncanny ability to make you feel like an inept starship captain. If the fun of the original game is starting to wear down a tad, Subset Games is ready to launch you right back into space with a free expansion called FTL: Advanced Edition.

Among the changes detailed in its announcement, FTL: AE will add new weapons, drones, augments, systems, and enemies to the current FTL package. The expansion will also feature new scripted events, including some from Planescape and Project Eternity writer Chris Avellone.

If change scares you, players will have the option to toggle off the expansion changes and play vanilla FTL.

Also, the long-awaited iPad port of FTL has been confirmed to release concurrently with the new expansion. Both are expected to release in early 2014.