Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer details new fighters

Like any Street Fighter revision worth its salt, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is adding a handful of fighters to the mix, sure to disrupt the tournament balance. Capcom recently outlined each of their signature moves, with a little more detail about the fighting styles of each competitor. A post from producer Tomoaki Ayano on the Capcom Unity blog details each of the four new fighters: Poison, Rolento, Hugo, and Elena. All of them will be familiar for series fans, but they're new to the Street Fighter 4 mix. Poison is said to be the easiest new character to pick up, and her move is a projectile called the "Aeolus Edge." It's pretty versatile, as you can change the speed and distance with different strength buttons, or even delay its timing. Rolento's "Stinger" move lets him throw the knife at different angles to control the pace of the fight, keeping opponents from getting too close. The giant-sized Hugo uses a "Giant Palm Breaker" to keep his opponents down in the corner, though his sheer size would appear to help with that as well. Finally, Elena returns with her "Rhino Horn" move from Street Fighter 3, a quick attack that helps her close gaps. Ayano notes that all of these moves will be subject to change, and that more information is coming about field testing the game to make sure it strikes the right balance.

Rolento's Stinger