Legend of Raven fighting onto Xbox One and PS4

2D fighting game Legend of Raven was originally due on 3DS, before jumping to Vita by popular demand, and now it's coming to even fancier platforms. Publisher Nicalis has announced it'll also be attacking Xbox One and PlayStation 4, tarted up a little and now sporting the popular GGPO netcode.

Legend of Raven is part of the Yatagarasu series created by former King of Fighters devs, including character artist Kotani Tomoyuki. It's set in 1920s Japan in the aftermath of a revolution, which is why things look a little olde-timey.

Nicalis has worked in GGPO netcode, a new hard-rockin' soundtrack including this song, and "new UI effects, backgrounds and artwork." The Vita and PS4 versions will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Play, too.

Legend of Raven is due a downloadable release later this year. While it's not coming to PC, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is, following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

While that screenshot up top is from the Vita version, this new trailer shows it on PS4: