Call of Duty: Ghosts double XP this weekend

After kicking the week off with midnight openings, launch parties, and hordes of minor celebrities, Call of Duty: Ghosts wants you to go hard this weekend. The first double XP weekend begins in a few hours, so you can power through the lower ranks and start unlocking fancier guns and perks.

The double XP weekend will kick off at 10am PST today then run until 10am on Monday, November 11, the FAQ explains.

It also reminds that XP and stats carry over to the next-gen version, so if you're CoD-mad and have bought both a current-gen and next-gen version you can get a real hard-start. Unsurprisingly, it seems not too many people have done that. Judging by how Activision's being uncharacteristically cagey about sales figures, when it usually jumps and screams and sells about launch-day sales, many are waiting for the new consoles to arrive.