Xbox One video explains why it's 'all-in-one'

We quite like the new Xbox One Dashboard. In particular, we love how fast multitasking between the apps can be. But what else can you do with your Xbox One? A new video from Microsoft finally goes over what you can do with the OS.

Obviously, there's a lot of Kinect. You'll be able to configure your Xbox One to act as an IR blaster with your TV, letting you say "Xbox mute" to control your TV. You'll also be able to use the system's HDMI-in to have live TV instantly accessible using your voice. By choosing your cable provider, you can say "Xbox, watch CBS" and jump instantly to the channel.

Because the video feed is being pushed through the Xbox, you'll be able to receive notifications even while watching TV. You'll be able to get multiplayer invites, jump into the game, and if you wan, you can pin apps to the side of the screen for picture-in-picture action. Because games have their own dedicated memory reserve, no matter how many apps you switch between, the game can always be instantly resumed--even if you rapidly switch between entertainment apps.

One of the apps you'll likely use often is the Record app. By saying "Xbox, record that," you'll be able to save a clip of any gameplay that just occurred. You can then open Upload Studio if you want edit the video or add video commentary to it. Some games, like Ryse will actually record "Magic Moments" automatically at key moments in the game.

This new video from Microsoft goes over what you can do with Xbox One: