Call of Duty: Ghosts producer talks about the (inevitable) sequel

Call of Duty: Ghosts originally started off as Modern Warfare 4. But Infinity Ward decided to pivot for this year's game, opting to start a new story.

Obviously, there's going to be another Call of Duty game. Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin talked about their next game. Players that have finished the short campaign already have some idea what's going to happen, and Rubin confirms that they're already "working on" the story of the next game.

Mild spoilers ahead.

In an interview with Metro, Rubin notes that the ending does give the team "a sort of stepping stone to the next game," but added that "the full context of that story to come is being worked on as we speak."

Apparently, the ending of the campaign makes it very clear that there will be a sequel--but will it be a trilogy like Modern Warfare? "It's not fully planned out," Rubin said. "We don't know what the plant is going to look like in the end... until we start finishing up this story."

So when will the next Ghosts game launch? It's likely to be 2015, given the franchise's alternating development with Treyarch. "We have that formula of being able to put out games on a regular basis. It's not a yearly thing from our perspective, from our perspective it's two years," Rubin said. "And that works for us."