NBA Live 14 online features include daily challenges and updates

NBA Live 14 is aiming to leverage the connectivity of the next-gen consoles with new daily updates. Today EA Sports outlined the various bits and baubles that will be constantly refreshed if you're connected.

The biggest marquee feature is the Live Season, a set of daily updated challenges based on "memorable moments." That could mean scoring at the last minute or taking the ball from a specific player, and some challenges will be based on either recreating famous plays or seeing them occur differently. Other online features include the CourtQ, which keeps track of 70 aspects of player ratings and will update your roster after every NBA game to reflect their real-world performance. In addition, you'll be able to play head-to-head seasons with skill tracking, so you can advance to different tiers based on your performance.

It will also include Ultimate Team, a staple of EA Sports games these days, and Hoops Network to connect with friends and level up your Ultimate Team. NBA Live 14 will integrate with ESPN too, for special presentations of postseason games and the NBA Finals.