You Don't Know Jack classics re-released on PC

Quiz series You Don't Know Jack has been pleasing people with its silly trivia for eighteen years (we're going to die soon), but countless questions have been lost to the sands of time, hidden on CD carousels in dusty stores. How wonderful, then, that creator Jackbox Games is celebrating the series' birthday by re-releasing nine classic YDKJ games on Steam.

JackBox has dug up everything from 1995's You Don't Know Jack Volume 1 through to The Lost Gold from 2003. All cost $2.99, except for The Lost Gold, which is $1.99.

Or you can get the whole lot for $19.99, saving you about $6 and ensuring you'll never run out of trivia ever, no matter how many family Thanksgivings you host. Considering that 2011's YDKJ game still costs $19.99, it's a fair bargain all right.