Xbox Live Compute won't be exclusive to Xbox platforms

"The cloud" is one of the big features of Xbox One. Games like Forza 5 and Titanfall take advantage of Xbox Live Compute to offload certain computations to Microsoft's Azure servers. And while Microsoft is keen to talk about using the cloud with Xbox One, Xbox Live lead programming manager John Bruno did say that the plan is to support much more than Microsoft's new console.

"This is a platform we plan on connecting any device to," he said when responding to an inquiry at GDC Next. A member of the audience asked if it would be possible to use Xbox Live Compute on other platforms, like Flash and PlayStation 4. Of course, do note that Bruno's comment doesn't explicitly confirm PS4 support.

Sony did confirm that PS4 will support cloud computing. But while Microsoft will be providing Compute free for Xbox One developers, we find it unlikely they'll be as generous on non-Microsoft platforms.