Metro: Last Light now out on Linux

Decades of relentless overenthusiasm from Linux fans about this year really being "the year of the Linux desktop" means I struggle to even joke about that by now, but Valve bringing Steam to Linux certainly has spurred interest in the operating system. Metro: Last Light is now on Linux too, and developer 4A Games vows it'll work just fine with SteamOS and the Steam controller too.

The Linux version launched on Steam today. As Last Light is a SteamPlay game, everyone who owns it on Steam now has it for Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

It's no surprise that the game will support SteamOS and the Steam controller, as the big idea is that they work just like any other Linux distribution or PC gamepad, but 4A is pretty gung-ho about it. The 300 prototype Steam Machines include a copy of the game for testing, see.

"We are excited by the prospect of bringing the ultimate Metro experience, powered by next-gen PC hardware into the living room," 4A chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov said in today's announcement. "Metro: Last Light will be a great showcase for Steam OS and the Steam Controller."