MLB 14 The Show for PS4 revealed in new video

Of course Sony has another MLB game ready for next year. However, MLB 14 The Show is going to be Sony San Diego's first foray into next-generation baseball. And as is expected, the PS4 version of the game is pretty. You can see exactly how pretty in a brand new video released by Sony.

But there's more to MLB 14 than just good looks. Next year's game will be the first game that will let you carry over your saves to future versions. "MLB 14 The Show lays the foundation for year-to-year saves, meaning you never have to worry about starting your Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over," the PlayStation.Blog points out.

In addition, there will be a new Quick Counts option which lets pitch counts shorten games to half an hour. There's also new features in single-player, including a new advancement system and pre-draft prospect showcase.

This sounds nifty, but you're probably more interested in how it looks. Well, here you go:

BOOM video 16386