Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise expansion announced

Paradox's publishing plan is pretty clear by now--release an unapologetically PC-y game, then follow up with oodles of expansions and DLC--so it was never a question of if Europa Universalis IV would get an expansion, but when. December 11 is the answer, when Conquest of Paradise will let you discover, explore, plunder, and murder the New World. Seafaring nations will be able to send exploration ships out, trying to find the Americas or trade routes to India. Interestingly, as we in the 21st century Old World already know what's going on over there, the expansion will randomize it, recreating the thrills thrills and terrors of exploration. Or you can simply play as a Native American nation, doing your own thing. But, as history supposedly tells us, colonies can get unhappy with the whole colonization thing and want independence. Go read Paradox's new developer diary for more on all this. Conquest of Paradise is due December 11 on PC, Mac, and Linux, at a price yet to be confirmed. Handily, only the host in multiplayer need own the expansion for everyone to play it.

The first screenshots exploring the New World