Rainbow Moon coming to Vita on December 3

PlayStation 3 strategy RPG Rainbow Moon will be available on Vita on December 3. Indie developer SideQuest Studios revealed the date today, and went into some more detail about what we can expect from the handheld port.

SideQuest CEO Marcus Pukropski wrote on the PlayStation.Blog that it prioritized keeping the game at 60 FPS while minimizing loading times. Other features included in the Vita port include various cross-save with the PS3 version, bug-fixes, and various usability tweaks like the ability to skip the XP counter in the victory screen, and use items directly from quest vendors. The PS3 version will get its own patch to add these fixes.

The post didn't nail down a price, but Pukropski says the studio is trying to get a 50% discount on the Vita version for those who have bought it on PlayStation 3. The PS3 version is $14.99, so if the Vita costs the same it would be $7.50 for previous purchasers. That discount isn't confirmed yet, though.

Rainbow Moon is also getting a sequel, Rainbow Skies, which isn't due until 2014.