Dementium 2 HD admitting patients in December

Renegade Kid's Dementium series was pleasantly surprising for first-person shooters on Nintendo DS, and soon it'll bring those chills to PC. After announcing Dementium II HD last August then going silent, publisher Digital Tribe has revealed that the horror remake by Memetic Games will launch on December 17.

Dementium's of that quaintly shlocky horror FPS breed which fell out of vogue as Slenderpeople and whatnot became popular. Trapped in a weird hospital full of weird experiments and weird happenings, you'll murder weird monsters with guns. Or maybe you're simply mad, who could say?

The game will cost $14.99, but a 35% pre-order discount on Steam brings it down to $9.74. A Mac release is due in January 2014, as is a splattering of DLC.

Here's a recent video developer diary: