Total War: Rome 2 DLC adds blood & gore

"Boo!" cries the severed head as it's violently flung to the ground. It is Halloween, after all. In the horrifying spirit of the season, The Creative Assembly has released new DLC for Total War: Rome 2 which adds buckets of blood and mortifying dismemberments to the strategy game. But oh, how commercialized Halloween is: it'll cost you $2.99.

The 'Blood & Gore' DLC turns combat into a bloodbath, with blood splatting over warriors and the ground, violent new sounds, and hundreds of new animations for decapitations, impalement, and dismemberment. Rome was an empire of excess, after all.

You can buy the DLC now on Steam. Here's a trailer for it, though do note that some YouTube commenters are warning that it doesn't look this good for them in-game:

BOOM video 16364