Sony details PlayStation 4 hardware features at launch

Sony has released an extensive FAQ regarding the PlayStation 4 launch in North America, detailing many of the console's features and limitations. Among the more notable details revealed are supported resolutions, the console's hard drive, and some of the already-announced features that won't make it to the console's November 15 launch.

The PS4 will support resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p through an HDMI connection only, as the console will not support analog video or audio output. While component cables are not supported, an HDMI cable will be included in all PS4 boxes. Sony adds that ultra high-res 4K output is under consideration and that 3D content is possible, but not supported by any launch titles.

Sony adds that players will be able to replace the PS4's stock 500GB hard drive with a compatible 5400 RPM SATA II model, as long as it's no thicker than 9.5mm and larger than 160GB. However, the console will not support external hard drives.

The PS4 also lists some previously-announced features that will not be available at launch, including the Suspend/Resume mode that was shown off during Sony's Gamescom press conference, the ability to assist a friend online, and wireless stereo headset support. Sony notes that these missing features will be rolled out in phases in the near future.

While PS4 will support Blu-Rays and DVD's, the console will not support home media servers or DLNA support, so you won't be able to stream videos or movies from your PC.

Check out the full FAQ for more.