Rise of the Triad patches in editor and quicksaves

Ah, The Good Old Days, when FPSs were fast and maps were made shoddily by our friends. Retro remake Rise of the Triad is now prodding your PC gaming nostalgia gland harder, with a new patch yesterday adding an editor to make maps and mods, as well as much-requested quicksaving.

RotT's Ludicrous Development Kit lets all and sundry have a bit of a tinker, making single-player maps, multiplayer maps, and goodness only knows what sort of mods people will think up. Users can build upon the game's assets and make their own, but it also includes bits from the original 1995 RotT, for you to make something really retro. A trailer for the patch cheekily shows off some classic Quake maps remade by a fan, so there's another idea.

As for quicksaving and quickloading, pressing F5 and F6 will save you from the questionable checkpointing. And theoretically lets you boringly save-crawl kill-by-kill through levels, if you don't like the big scary throwback difficulty.

Patch 1.2 also removes the need to log in for multiplayer and brings more fixes and tweaks, all detailed in the patch notes. Interceptor has whipped together a little guide on getting started with the mod tools too. Look, here's the new trailer celebrating all this: