Team Fortress 2 Halloween update adds new map, magic

As we reach the dawn of Halloween, it's time for Valve's Team Fortress 2 to once again celebrate the holiday. The fifth annual "Scream Fortress" update is now live and will feature a new Payload Race map called Helltower. Oh, did I mention that everyone gets to wield magic? That's an important detail.

The update gives all players a spellbook that can be equipped to their character's Action Slot. Players will then pick up and cast lethal spells against opponents. The winner of the Payload Race will receive a buff to assist them in one final winner-take-all battle for a special reward. Players will also want to watch out for the Clocktower striking The Witching Hour, as it promises to drastically affect gameplay.

The update, which will also include over 100 new cosmetic items, will last until November 11, so no worries if you can't make the actual Halloween date. The full list of Halloween-related changes can be found here.