Tearaway story trailer reveals folk influences

Tearaway is about more than the artistic wonders of papercraft. There's a story involved, too, one based on strong folk influences. To offer some of what the story entails, Sony and Media Molecule have a released a new trailer for their upcoming Vita-exclusive papercraft platformer.

"The actual story is all about this character, the Messenger, with an envelope-shaped head," lead creator Rex Crowle says in the trailer. "Their whole reason for existence is that they have something, they have a message, trapped inside them, which they're trying to deliver. And the person that they're trying to deliver this message to is you, the player, the person that's holding their hold world in their hands."

To learn more about Tearaway's folk influences, check out the trailer below. Tearaway arrives on Vita on November 22, following a one-month delay.

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