SimCity Cities of Tomorrow trailer introduces friendly neighbourhood megacorp

As a planet-hacker and cybronic force-blade punk, I spend a lot of time idly daydreaming about the cities of tomorrow. Do I wish to live in a gleaming arcology or a stinky neon hole? SimCity's expansion will make you decide for your Sims, and a new trailer gives a voice to the competing Academy idealists and megacorp OmegaCo, each trying to win you over.

As Maxis has shown before, the Academy researches wonderful techs to produce clean energy and whisk everyone around on shiny maglev trains, while OmegaCo wants to turn your entire city into a hive of franchises for its polluting but money-making products.

Obviously, the most productive approach will be striking a balance between the two ideals. Who's right? I can't say. Who builds the coolest-looking cities? Oh, it's definitely the megacorp.

Cities of Tomorrow comes November 12 to PC and Mac.

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