Nvidia Shield update brings GameStream out of beta

Nvidia's Android-based Shield handheld console has received a major software update. The update brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Shield, adds gamepad compatibility to over 500 Android games, and also brings one of the handheld's more promising features, GameStream, out of beta.

GameStream allows players to use their home wi-fi connection to directly stream their PC titles to their handheld. Being an Nvidia product, it means that you'll need a GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU with a 802.11 a/g or n dual band router. The full list of required specs can be seen on Nvidia's website.

The update will also include support for "Console Mode," which allows Shield owners to connect their handheld to their televisions through a mini-HDMI connection. Combined with GameStream, Shield owners will be able to stream their PC titles directly to their TV.

The full list of features included in today's update can be found here.