Report: Pikachu game is a detective story

Following a truly bizarre glimpse of a Pokemon game starring Pikachu, more details have reportedly emerged from its Japanese TV debut. Instead of simply being a game about fostering your relationship with an electrified yellow mouse, Pikachu will help you solve mysteries, because Nintendo is apparently actively looking for ways to make this idea more bonkers.

The Japanese station NHK aired a special episode on the Pokemon Company recently, in which they detailed the game. A teaser for the episode is where we saw Pikachu's freaky facial expressions, but the full episode sheds much more light on the subject.

Serebii (via GameStop) reports that it will be a detective game, with Pikachu serving as your crime-solving partner. A rare blue Pikachu that can talk is posed as an enemy. It's intended to be a downloadable title, and is planned for release in 2015. And since it's so early in development, some qualities can (and probably will) change before release.

It's vitally important that the core idea of facial expressions in a detective story remain unchanged, though, because it would mean we're finally getting that Pokemon-based LA Noire game we've always wanted.