Reset gameplay trailer reveals robot timepals

Reset looked awfully pretty back in 2012 when developer Theory Interactive first announced the first-person puzzler, and it's still a bit of all right in the first gameplay footage. Theory today dropped a new trailer, showing how your giant robotic self will jump back in time to help itself solve puzzles in a ruined city.

Theory had planned to launch a crowdfunding campaign alongside today's reveal, but expects "some delay" on that. "We are so sorry that you still won't be able to give all your money to us," it said. "That will change soon, we promise!"

The developer describes Reset as "a sci-fi noir" too, and it seems what exactly caused these cities to become deserted and overrun is something of a mystery. Luckily you can jump back in time and co-ordinate with your past self to move obstacles, solve puzzles and so on, which makes Reset single-player two-player co-op-ish.

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