Trine 2 wizarding onto PlayStation 4

We may know what a next-gen bush looks like, but what about a next-generation wizard look like? Thankfully, we shan't need to wait too long for an answer. Developer Frozenbyte today announced it's bringing jump-stab-swing-puzzle wizard 'em up Trine 2 to PS4, and aiming to launch alongside Sony's new console.

The downloadable PS4 release will be the 'Complete Story' edition already out on PC, which includes the Goblin Menace DLC as well as the Dwarven Caverns level introduced in the Wii U version. Frozenbyte was quick to jump to that new platform too, landing on the Wii U's launch day. The PS4 version will run at 60fps in 1080p, and support stereoscopic 3D too.

Frozenbyte hasn't finalised the pricing and release date quite yet, but hopes to launch alongside the PS4 at a similar price to the $20 PC Complete Story.

Trine 2, if you've missed it entirely, it's a physics-driven puzzle-platformer with three characters: a thief with a grappling hook and bow, a knight wielding a shield and beefy weapons, and a wizard able to conjure and control objects. Players can switch between them at will in single-player, or share them in the local and online multiplayer. It is awfully pretty and lovely.