The Bridge confounds Xbox 360 on November 13

Majesco's indie label, Midnight City, has been working hard to help indie games reach new platforms. Their latest efforts involve the Escher-esque 2D puzzle game, The Bridge, from developer Ty Taylor and artist Mario Castaneda. Released on PC earlier this year, Midnight City is now bringing The Bridge to Xbox Live Arcade.

The Bridge features a distinct black and white art style and a focus on lateral-thinking puzzles. Players must look beyond the obvious to find answers to certain puzzles and that often means searching for a solution within the environment. Solutions often lie in complex areas, like gravitational vortexes and parallel universes. There's also a "rewind" mechanic, which is meant to open the door for experimentation.

The Bridge arrives on Xbox 360 on November 13 for $9.99, five dollars lower than its PC counterpart. No word on whether the Steam version will adjust its price accordingly. For an idea of what to expect, check out the trailer below.