Blur is back... as a top-down mobile game

Bizarre Creations' last game before they were unceremoniously shuttered by Activision was arcade racer Blur. Essentially Mario Kart with realistic cars, the game had you using power-ups to attack other vehicles and gain the edge.

Blur is back--just not in the way you may expect. Activision has licensed the IP to Marmalade Play, who have transformed it into a top-down arcade racer for iOS and Android.

The game is now available on Google Play, with an iOS release to come soon. And of course, it's free-to-play. Like the original console game, you'll have various power-ups at your disposal: mines, shield, nitro, shock, and more.

There are 25 cars to own and 250 customizations to unlock, which should give you a good idea how monetization might work in the game. Here's a trailer of what it looks like: