PopCap promises 'closer parity' between iOS and Android games in the future

Plants vs Zombies 2 took over two months to move from iOS to Android. For fans that don't have an iDevice, the wait was excruciating. However, PopCap says that they're learning, and promises future releases will come at a much quicker pace. "Going forward, you'll see much closer parity between [iOS and Android]," PopCap's Tony Leamer said.

Leamer admits that PopCap is more familiar with iOS as a platform, and the studio isn't used to multiplatform development. "PopCap is really a sequential development shop; we're not a parallel same-ship shop, traditionally," he told Polygon. With regards to the original PvZ, it took years for the studio to reach parity between the iOS and Android versions, with the iOS version launching in 2010, and Android launching in 2011.

Even then, the Android version was missing features found on Apple's platform. "It took us a while to get caught up... from an Android standpoint to where the iOS build was. In fact, we only got there, like, earlier this year," Leamer said. The fact that the Android version of PvZ2 launched "at parity" with the iOS version is a significant improvement.

Leamer's comments probably won't appease angry Android users, but there is a silver lining. PopCap is considering a simultaneous cross-platform release of "Far Future," the first expansion pack for PvZ2.