The Screecher injects terror into Don't Starve

Don't Starve is already a harrowing adventure in itself. It focuses on the struggle to survive in a wide-open wilderness, while building a fire to ward off the savage creatures that lurk in the darkness of night. But Klei has injected a little more fear into its survival game, just in time for the Halloween holiday, with a free mod called The Screecher.

The Screecher mod (via Joystiq) offers a different way to experience Don't Starve, switching the game's overhead view to a third-person behind-the-back perspective. The world is enveloped in darkness and players get only a flashlight to explore their surroundings. Along the way, they'll run into dead bodies and hear the titular Screecher's deafening shriek in the background. Whatever you do, make sure that battery doesn't run out!

As for the main Don't Starve game, Klei's latest update includes All's Well That Maxwell, which adds the strange Maxwell to the playable roster. To aid his survival efforts, Maxwell can summon shadow helpers to assist him in gathering supplies and fighting off the many creatures lurking the woods. The update is out now and you can check out all the details here. Also, check out the trailer below and make sure to watch all the way to the end. You'll thank me later.