NBA Live 14's three tiers of dribbling explained

NBA Live 14 will mark EA's return to the sport of baskets and balls, and the company is making a point of thinking through a lot of little things about the sport. Most recently, it explained its dribbling options in great detail. Yes, that is the act of bouncing a ball while moving across the court--the most fundamental and basic of all basketball skills.

You see, in NBA Live 14, there are three tiers of dribbling. A blog post from gameplay designer Scott O'Gallagher went through them one by one. Level one moves include normal crossovers, behind the back moves, and things of that nature. That's all controlled by movements on the right stick. Level two moves require a little more finesse and rhythm on the stick, and let you chain together moves to catch an opponent off-guard. Finally, level three moves copy the signature styles of famous NBA players, and each player will have six signature options. EA released short videos of each tier, so you can see the differences for yourself.